Where To Find Bespoke Fitted Kitchens In Epping

Where To Find Bespoke Fitted Kitchens In Epping from John Damien Kitchens.


Have you been left wondering where exactly you can find bespoke fitted kitchens in Epping? By using our creative team and craftsmen here at John Damien, you can be confident that we will collaborate with you to form your ideal kitchen.

Any room in your home needs to be bespoke. Every individual has a different preference and desired style in terms of interior design – just as we do in the sense of fashion. By using our expert design services, we’ll be able to work with you to form the ideal interior, style and layout of your room. Kitchen, bedroom or a new loft space, we’ll be able to turn it into your dream room.

Kitchens traditionally were for cooking and families to eat together, but now it's much more. It’s the place where the party begins, where families can eat whilst watching a film or TV show, it's the place to gather when you want to have a catch up – it’s a social space more than just a cooking sector.

As designers, suppliers and installers of fitted kitchens, we take great pride in our work. Our luxury designs offer elegance and efficiency with each room that we create with you.

When you require a bespoke kitchen in Hertfordshire, Essex and Cambridgeshire, you can always rely on our team.

Improve Your Home With High Quality Kitchen Installers Cambridge

Improve Your Home With High Quality Kitchen Installers Cambridge from John Damien Kitchens.


If you want to improve your home, you don’t need to buy a new one or completely re-do the whole place. A simple refresh of the kitchen can often be enough to enhance the look of the whole home and make it a place you want to spend more time.

The kitchen is the hub

In many ways, the kitchen is the hub of the home – where the family comes together. Many people choose to incorporate a separate island area into the kitchen, so that they can chat while cooking or for creating a place where the children can play. It is also a good way to ensure guests don’t feel bored when they come round for dinner. You can cook while still being able to talk to them at the same time.

What we do

At John Damien Kitchens, we are expert kitchen installers and we will work with you to create the right kitchen for your needs. We can discuss options and work with your ideas or give you some suggestions if you’re really unsure. We are happy to visit for free to get an idea of your home and what we might be able to do.

Get in touch

If you want a free home design visit or you just want to have a chat about what we can do, give us a call on 01279 722 042 and we will be happy to help.

High Quality Kitchen Installers in Cambridge

High Quality Kitchen Installers in Cambridge from John Damien Kitchens.


The kitchen is one of the most diverse rooms of the house – with a great collection of items to be stored in this multi-living zone, you will want to not only cook and eat in the area, but enjoy family time or start your house party in the kitchen. Here at John Damien, we know exactly how important the kitchen is, which is why we offer high quality kitchens in Cambridge and the surrounding area.

For high quality kitchen installers in Cambridge, look no further than our team at John Damien.

Our team are dynamic, current and very skilled in terms of designing and installing the perfect modern or traditional kitchen. We strive to produce a space which not only looks great but is functional for use. Our fitted kitchens are extremely effective in fitting into any home and meeting your taste – however particular it may be.

Each fitted kitchen we work on will be entirely bespoke to meet your needs. Whatever type of kitchen you desire, you can rely on our expertise to design and fit your kitchen.

Our kitchens are made to suit our clientele, and each client we work with has a particular taste for their kitchen; however extravagant it may be.

Find out more today by taking a look through our website.


Does the paint, worktops or furniture in your kitchen look tired and drained? When your kitchen requires a refresh, our diverse team of kitchen designers and installers will be more than happy to help. For high quality kitchen installer in Cambridge, look no further than our John Damien Kitchen team.

Any fitted kitchen should not be a detached room where you solely cook and clean, it should be a part of the blue print of your entire house. We stand for quality kitchen design here at John Damien, and endeavour to offer you that bespoke, clean and stylish kitchen in your mind.

The modern kitchen is a multi-zone living area where you can work, cook, enjoy family time, celebrate with food and drink and much more. Our kitchens all hold a contemporary outlay with modern or traditional designs. The kitchen is the room for the whole family, it should always be completed in the greatest respect.

We'll consider all aspects of your kitchen and ensure it is fitted with the layout, utility requirements and aesthetics all at the forefront of our work.

For a tailored and quality kitchen for your home, apply the luxury John Damien look today into your kitchen design.

Bespoke Kitchen Installers In Sawbridgeworth

Bespoke Kitchen Installers In Sawbridgeworth from John Damien Kitchens.


Do you want to find bespoke kitchen installers in Sawbridgeworth? Here at John Damien, we are highly respected as one of the leading bespoke kitchen installers and designers in Hertfordshire and the surrounding area. Our kitchen work is present in many homes across Sawbridgeworth, Buntingford, Ware, Cambridge, Hertford, Stansted Abbotts, Harlow, Epping, Roydon, Stansted, Great Dunmow, Waltham Abbey, Chigwell, Ongar, Chelmsford, and many more villages.

Kitchens nowadays are one of the key focuses of any modern home. They’re an area that is used for much more than just cooking, food preparation and family dinners, but they’re the key area for gatherings, parties and other gettogethers with family, friends and guests.

The kitchen is a multi-zone living area and we know of the importance of this factor. We offer bespoke work which is entirely tailored to your needs and desired appearance. Our fitted kitchens will include worktops, cabinets, furniture and flooring. Let us take some of the burden and help you design a modern and wonderful kitchen.

We will endeavour to provide our expertise to incorporate style, quality finishes and maximum functionality with each project we undertake, and give you the kitchen you most desire.

Make a free home appointment today by calling us on 01279 722042.

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Home Cinema Design In Cambridge

Home Cinema Design In Cambridge from John Damien Kitchens.


Has it been your dream to have your very own home cinema? Don’t just let it be a dream, come and use our expertise here at John Damien and allow us to work together in producing your very own home cinema.

Our home cinema design in Cambridge and the surrounding area is ideal for those who want to create their own tailored area in their home. Some may call it a man cave, others a ‘study’ room, but one thing you can guarantee, you can get the ideal home cinema for your home.

For the ultimate luxury of a John Damien bespoke home cinema entertainment room, you can style it to exactly how you want it to be. Whether you want it strictly available for film viewing or you want an entertainment room with potential for gaming, gatherings or other typical living occurrences, then we can do that for you. We will help you throughout the process and ensure your entertainment room looks great and is functional to suit your lifestyle.

With each home cinema project, we ensure your investment will create and enhance the room with the highest level of technology and craftsmanship.

Find out more today by taking a look through our website, or begin the process by giving our team a call on 01279 722042.

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